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why did this asshole give his critique of a poem its own poetic title

bcz he is a talky talk man

this peer-written critique of a peer’s poem about being diagnosed with AIDS is titled “they’ll not say it’s all about blowjobs and glitter” [which has nothing to do with any of the lines or the tone/subject of the poem] [the critique writer is a 30-something white dude that talks forever and always]

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"White men make up approximately 36% of the population, but commit 75% of mass shootings. What would be called terrorism by any other skin tone is suddenly some mysterious unnamed disease. We as a society are perfectly happy to further stigmatize mentally ill people, who are far more likely to be victims of violence than commit violence, in the service of protecting white supremacy and male entitlement."

The “Mental Illness” We Refuse To Name: White Male Entitlement | Constituative Outsider

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at Hawthorne Theater

at Hawthorne Theater


do you ever wonder how many people have had a crush on you and never told you

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Drake – How About Now (208,590 plays)


im reblogging this but im not ready to listen to it yet. i have to get ready.

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religious homophobes think that as long as they’re polite about their hateful views it’s not gonna count as hate well it does and it literally kills people and you stay silent with that “I love you but I don’t support your lifestyle” you don’t fucking deserve the right to say you love us it’s a goddamn LIE

Actually, it is just their views and beliefs. If you don’t agree with them, who cares? Why would you allow anyone else’s opinion define who you are?

because it literally fucking kills people all right

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